Ship Fuzzed C / C++ Faster.

Ship Fuzzed C / C++ Faster.

Find bugs and security vulnerabilities early in your development cycle and skip the post-release software patch and update headaches with Fuzz Stati0n. Fuzz testing is a dynamic technique that bombards a target application with crafted "garbage" input to force the execution of unanticipated paths, leading to potentially exploitable crashes.

Our efficient and effective cloud based platform runs the groundbreaking AFL fuzzer on up to 36 CPUs, enabling fuzz runs to be completed in minutes, not days, resulting in more secure and robust code shipped sooner.

How It Works

1. Upload the instrumented target binary via our Developer API.
2. We spin up a massive AWS cluster and start fuzzing.
3. AFL crashes the target with random garbage input.
4. We consolidate, minimize and deliver the results.

"Fuzz Stati0n helped us to identify and implement a powerful form of vulnerability testing that has improved our security posture. We are a happy customer.”

- File Open Systems CEO, Sanford Bingham

"Fuzz Stati0n - Winner of the Firestarter Award for Most Innovative Early Stage Startup"

- Tech Trailblazers

The Story

Let's begin the story back in 1994 when I became a professional software engineer after receiving a BA in Computational Mathematics from UCSC. I established myself in the industry working for Steve Jobs at NeXT and Apple, launching into the world of extremely successful start-ups with WebLogic and Azul Systems.

After a break from my epic career in Silicon Valley to raise a guide dog puppy, sing operatic tenor and surf the best waves on the planet, I turned my full attention to security research, becoming a successful bug bounty hunter before pivoting to application security, fuzzing technology, and heap corruption vulnerabilities.

It became apparent that I could find vulnerabilities more effectively by fuzzing at scale - out of this, Fuzz Stati0n was born. My intent is to exponentially increase my contribution to security by democratizing the technology. I am passionate about protecting my friends, family, and the rest of humanity from hacks, fraud, and privacy breaches.

- David Moore, CEO / Founder